EWIAS Viewpoints, Number 2, Quality of Life examines the state of research into Quality of Life and, especially, its implications for public health policy.


Subjective Life Quality and Medicine: Implications for Policy

Cummins & Lau

Is It Possible to Speak of Quality of Life Evolution or Progress?


Quality of Work Life in Macau: A Needs Satisfaction Approach


The Wellbeing Agenda: Implications for Policy

Reardon & Bache



The Importance of the Body Mass Index

Is ICT Contributing to Improved Education Quality?

Adult Education Skills, the Labor Market and ICT Challenges

Do We Need to Learn to Talk Again?

1870-1970: An Unrepeatable Century of Quality of Life Improvement

Has Quality of Life a History?

The Longest History of Power

What is Liveability and How is it Measured?

The Scope and Scale of Quality of Life Research

Walkable City, Living Streets

Subaltern Studies