In conjunction with partner universities and individual research fellows, EWIAS is particularly committed to enhancing and disseminating original research through doctoral and post-doctoral programs, research groups and research projects in the following cross-disciplinary fields.

The territories of globalization, researching the impacts of the different processes of globalization in world, national, sub-national and local scales, addressing the general role of China and the particular role of the Pearl River Delta Region;

The Macau platform between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, researching trade, business, cultural and academic opportunities through original research projects, conferences and publications;

The Power of the Encounter of Ideas, researching the historical role of Macau in the dissemination of Western ideas and science as well as its platform’s role in the reception of China in Europe, Africa and Latin-America;

Social Change, researching systematically what is going to change from social systems to local communities, from education to cultures.

EWIAS privileges and supports doctoral and post-doctoral investigations in these fields with both theoretical and practical impacts for the Pearl River Delta, Southeast Asia and the Portuguese-speaking countries.