The East-West Institute for Advanced Studies (EWIAS) is an independent research institution committed to enhancing the role of Macau as an international platform for theoretical research and intellectual inquiry between Western and Asian civilizations, cultures and societies. In collaboration with partner universities, EWIAS aims to combine support courses for Doctorate and Post-Doctorate programs with original collaborative research in the sciences, humanities and arts aiming to create the epistemological thinking able to advance the knowledge that change the way we understand the world.

The purposes of EWIAS are committed to attract to Macau leading doctorate and post-doctorate programs through international academic and research cooperation, to support partner university doctoral and post-doctoral programs and students in the Pearl River Delta, to coordinate research groups and projects, to organize conferences, seminars and workshops (especially by staging distinguished lectures) which facilitate interactions between Macau researchers and outstanding scholars from around the world.

EWIAS is a non profitable research association, independent from any political, ideological or religious movements.